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We don’t want to hound you with garbage content. We don’t want to bother you and sell you things. We really don’t want anything. We’re just trying to get connected to you our audience and suggest good films. There’s so much garbage on Netflix. Please let us protect you from those shenanigans.

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If I’m being completely honest, which I usually am, the main goal here is to build a community of people who share good movies and films across the board. Netflix seems to be the main niche as the most popular section continues to be “Quirky Films for a Hipster”┬ábut I also enjoy a good Red Box movie now and then seeing as how the selection is new and slim it narrows your options while also showcasing a unique blend of rather indie movies.

But we’re not the know all end all. We just watch a ton of garbage on Netflix and we’re happy (and maybe even a little proud) to share with you the hidden gems we find so you can start watching something good for a change and share that good film with a friend, a parent, a stranger and then build a, wait for it… EXPERIENCE. Then I want you to share that experience with us so we can pay it forward and get the most out of our time and money with the films we watch and love.